Ven. Welitara Sri Ghanawimalatissa Maha Nayaka Thero

The philatelic Bureau of the Department of posts will issue anew postage stamp in the denomination of RS.5.00,on 05th May, 2009, to commemorate Ven. Welitara Sri Ghanawimalatissa Maha Nayaka Thero

In 1767 a meritorious baby sonnamed Amendias was born to a greats scholar of medicine,Carolis De Silva,Veda arachchi and to his wife Maclalena de silva,Lamatheni at Mahakarawa, welitata.

Those days abrother of vedaarachchi Mahatmaya’s lived at ambagahapiti viharaya, wich had been renowned as ambagahapitiya walawwa.High born child Amendias(Kuladaruwa) had been acquired both spiritual and educational knowledge under this Buddhist monk.

During this period, Bowala Dhammananda Maha Tero, tarryed at welitara Ambagahapitiya viharaya on his way from Malwatumaha viharaya,kandy to Mathara. On such a day the Thero saw this Kula Daruwa. Having pleased with his virtuous ,good qualities got permission from the parents to take him away to ordain in Kandy. This high born child was put under the custodianship of pindapathika Asarana Sarana saranankara sanga Raja.To train him bana daham wich need for his ordain. He  entered into the priesthood at  an auspicious time by the Rev.Sanga Raja.The Sangaraja and Bowala thero discussed about his illuminate scholar ship named Ghanawimala.

Technical Details

  • Date of Issue-------------> 15th May, 2009
  • Denominations------------> Rs. 5.00
  • Format----------------> Vertical
  • Stamp size---------------> 30 * 41 mm. 
  • Perforations-------------> 41 * 13/1/2 mm


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