University of Sri Jayawardhanapura

The University of Sri Lanka Jayewardenapura as it is known today was founded fifty years ago (1959AD) by the name Vidyodaya at the premises of Vidyodaya Pirivena, Maligakanda which was considered to be a renowned and excellent center of Buddhist learning under the able leadership of the most distinguished Buddhist prelates such as Venerable Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero, Mahagoda Sri Gnaneswara Thero and Kahawe Sri Rathnasara Thero.
The Vidyodaya and Vidyalankara Pirivens were granted the status of universities on the 15th of December 1958 under the University Act no. 45. On the 18th of February 1959, the Vidyodaya University was inaugurated at the premises of vidyodaya pirivena by Sri oliver Goonethileke; then Governor of Ceylon. In 1961, the university was built on a plot of land in Gangodavila that belonged to  the  papiliyana sunethra Devi pirivena. The architect as well as the first Vice chancellor of the university was the eminent scholar Venerable waliwetiye Sri Soratha Thero.

Technical Details

  • Date of Issue-------------> 18th February, 2009
  • Denominations------------> Rs. 5.00
  • Format----------------> Horizontal
  • Stamp size---------------> 30 * 41 mm. 
  • Perforations-------------> 41 * 13/1/2 mm


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