Sri Lanka Air Force

Having rendered to the motherland, an Sri Lanka Air Force proudly celebrates its Diamond Jubilee on 2nd March 2011as an honorable service arm which has rendered a noteworthy contribution to end the thirty-year old war.
Royal Ceylon Air Force was established on 2nd March 1951 and on the 22nd May 1972, Royal Ceylon Air Force (RCyAF) came to be recognized as Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) after Ceylon became a Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Since the first Official flight of the first batch of four “Chipmunks” in 1951, the Sri Lanka Air Force has developed into a professional air arm of the Nation consisting of jet aircrafts, fixed and rotor wing transport air crafts, attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Together with these different types of aircraft the Sri Lanka Air Force has been capable of performing a multitude of tasks ranging from attacking enemy forces during conflict to rescue operations of civilians at times of natural disasters.

Technical Details

  • Date of Issue-------------> 02nd March, 2011
  • Denominations------------> Rs. 5.00
  • Format--------------> Horizontal
  • Stamp size---------------> 41mm. * 30 mm.
  • Perforations--------------> 13 ½ * 14
  • Colours--------------->  4 Process Colours


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